The EDDIE Tool

The intelligent monitoring tool

The EDDIE Tool is a system monitoring, security and performance analysis agent developed entirely in Python. Its key features are portability, powerful configuration and ease of expansion.

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What is it really?

The EDDIE Tool is a monitoring agent. It runs standalone on a system and performs checks and other actions as defined by an extensible configuration. What can it do? The EDDIE Tool can perform all basic system monitoring checks, such as: filesystem; processes; system load; and network configuration. It can also perform such network monitoring tasks as: ping checks; HTTP checks; POP3 tests; SNMP queries; RADIUS authentication tests; and customized TCP port checks. Finally, a few checks lend themselves to security monitoring: watching files for changes; and scanning logfiles.
The EDDIE Tool can also send any collected statistic to RRD files to be displayed graphically by any standard RRD tool. No need to run multiple monitoring and data collection agents.
Monitoring rules are just like Python expressions and can be as simple or as complex as needed. Advanced alert control functionality such as exponential back-off and dependencies are also standard.
What platforms does it support? The EDDIE Tool has been designed to be as platform-independent as possible. It is written in 100% Python and will run on all platforms that Python runs on. Only a few system-dependent modules must be customized for individual platforms for system data collection. System-dependent modules are included for: Linux; Solaris; HP-UX; OpenBSD; Darwin/OS X; FreeBSD and Windows (Win32) .


04-Nov-2008: Eddie 0.37.2 has been released! The big change is that Eddie is now a properly installable Python package. This allows it to be distributed in package format and can be very easily installed using "easy_install EDDIE-Tool". Download it here. See the CHANGELOG.

04-Dec-2007: Eddie 0.36 has been released! Download it here. See the CHANGELOG.

21-Dec-2005: A new document is now available: Howto configure Eddie/Elvin/eddiebrowser for data storing and graphing [PDF]. This details how to configure Eddie/Elvin/ElvinRRD/eddiebrowser to store and graph system data.

10-Dec-2005: Eddie project management has now been moved to a Trac system. Use this to view all current tickets/bugs/issues, wiki pages, source and project roadmap - Also, Eddie source code has been migrated to a Subversion repository, which allows public checkout access. The repository URL is or read more about Eddie's Subversion repository.

31-Oct-2005: Eddie 0.35 has been released! Get it here. This version has been a long time coming but check out all the added features, including support for two new platforms.

12-Aug-2005: Eddie nightly CVS snapshots are now available for public download. They are targetted at users who want to test the latest Eddie build. They should be considered unstable development releases. For production use the release (numbered) versions should be used. The CVS snapshots can be found on the Eddie Download page. Important notes with the current CVS snapshot:

29-Sep-2004: We've created a document to help those wanting to use EDDIE to monitor Network Appliance Filers Get it here: monitoring_netapps_with_eddie.pdf

13-Sep-2004: Eddie-0.34 has now been released. This release contains a few bugfixes, better support for OpenBSD, Darwin and Redhat Enterprise Linux 3, and includes SNMP features out-of-the-box (no need for an external module now). CHANGES contains all the details as usual.

15-Jul-2004: It has been a long time between releases (blame real work!) but we've finally found time to release Eddie-0.33. The most exciting new features are support for two new platforms: OpenBSD and Darwin/OS X. Consider support for these platforms as beta - we still need plenty of testing, so volunteers would be great. Some other major updates are: Fine-grained HTTP timing; Configurable HTTP request timeouts (using Python 2.3+); Directive checktime parameter to specify exact times of day or days of week to perform tests; MySQL monitoring; and SNMP support for 64-bit counters. See CHANGES for all the specifics.

15-Jul-2004: Thanks to Steve Spectrum for whipping up some graphics and giving this page a bit of color!

21-Apr-2003: Eddie-0.32 has been released. A fairly minor update: a few new options and some bugfixes. See CHANGES for more details.

14-Dec-2002: Eddie-0.31 has been released, with some nice new features such as directive dependencies, programmable action call periods, and access to previously collected data within directive rules. Also many more smaller updates such as improved Linux memory and swap usage statistics, more file checks, and support for remote SMTP servers. See CHANGES for more details.

31-May-2002: Eddie-0.30 is now released. This is a major release and incorporates many significant changes to improve the configuration and extendability. It also incorporates new features such as remote HTTP/HTTPS monitoring and SNMP client support for monitoring devices with SNMP or storing SNMP information to RRD files, for example. See CHANGES for full details. If you are a previous user of EDDIE, see the config changes information for details on updates you will need to make to your config.

9-Mar-2002: Eddie-0.28 has been released. Changes include: bugfixes; improved stability (more thread-safe); many more system stats collected from Solaris. See CHANGES for more information.

12-Nov-2001: Eddie-0.27 has been released. Mainly bugfixes in this release. A completed feature is the elvinrrd action allowing EDDIE to send data to an ElvinRRD listener to be stored in RRD databases.

17-Oct-2001: Eddie has been officially renamed The EDDIE Tool and has a new official domain name, This was done to prevent conflicts with other software of a similar name, as well as to give EDDIE its own unique identity as its popularity grows.

1-Oct-2001: Eddie-0.26 has been released. Download it here. This release includes HP-UX support, new PING and FILE directives, and new functionality for storing statistical data into RRDtool databases. Email us for more information on how to use Eddie with RRDtool.

9-Jul-2001: Basic HP-UX support has been added to Eddie. The next release will include the support for HP-UX (tested under HP-UX 11.00) which so far supports processes, network and disk usage monitoring. Contact us if you would like to alpha-test the HP-UX support.

6-Jul-2001: Eddie-0.25 is released! 0.25 is a major update and Eddie is now fully threaded (and thus requires threads support in Python) and has a new configuration format allowing for much more powerful and flexible setups. See download for supported OS versions. See CHANGES for changes. Download it here.

1-Oct-2000: Eddie-0.24 has been released. It contains mainly bug fixes and code cleanups. There is a small change to string variables in the config file which will mean changes to existing configs. See download for supported OS versions. See CHANGES for changes. Download it here.

1-Oct-2000: A basic manual for installing and configuring Eddie is now available.

30-Sep-2000: A new Eddie FAQ is now available to answer some of your commonly asked questions.

19-Jun-2000: Eddie-0.23 has been released. It is a much cleaner version than 0.22 and should unpack and run much more smoothly on Solaris and Linux. See download for supported OS versions. See CHANGES for changes. Download it here.

15-May-2000: Eddie-0.22 has been released. This is simply a snapshot of the current Eddie to push development along. It has a lot of updates/fixes/enhancements over 0.21. Expect a lot more to come. Download it here.

3-Dec-1999: An Eddie-users email list has also been setup. If you are using Eddie you might find this list worthwhile. To sign up, go to the info page or send email to

1-Dec-1999: An Eddie-dev email list has now been setup. If you are interested in the development of eddie, you can sign up to the eddie-dev mailing list. Go to the info page or send email to

4-Oct-1999: Eddie-0.21 is now available for download. This is an early alpha release and should only be downloaded by developers and alpha-testers.

31-Aug-1999: Some documentation is now available.

31-Aug-1999: Eddie is currently in alpha form and is being tested by a select group of people. If you are patient and willing to help with development, please email us for more information.

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